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New work by Amy Postle is featured in the latest issue of Family Circle magazine!

Out now, the January issue features two stories in the "Modern Life" column, photographed by Amy, following two families in New Jersey and Michigan, respectively.

Read all about Amy's experience shooting for the "Modern Life" column in Family Circle on her blog, and for more from the JMI photographer, visit: www.jmireps.com!


If you haven't listened to CBS Boston's latest radio broadcast with our very own Amy Postle yet, it's about time you did!

The interview was conducted in December as part of a nationwide satellite media tour for Kodak Alaris - a tour that led Amy to appear on over 30 morning shows across the country!

Featured on CBS Boston's morning radio show, "Women's Watch," Amy's interview touches on a number of subjects, including photography, creative inspiration, and of course, female empowerment.

To hear the full interview, click here: http://cbsloc.al/1yxTVgm!

...And for more from Amy, visit: http://www.amypostle.com/!


Lee Clower kicks off 2015 with a series of charming new photographs for Singapore-based children's clothing line, Kids21.

At the center of Lee's images is clothing and home décor designer, Oyuna Tserendorj, whose heartwarming relationship with her son, Elias, prompts much of her creative production.

Below, Lee offers a glimpse into Tserendorj's home, her line, and the boy who has sparked her latest work.

For the full story, visit the Kids21 website, and for more from Lee Clower, visit: www.jmireps.com!



It's that time of year again!

David Sykes is back with his annual "Adventgram" Christmas Calendar. Each year, David creates this fun and festive daily countdown chronicling the month of December via various numeric photographs.

Join this year's countdown by following David on social media!

INSTAGRAM: davidsykesphotography

TWITTER: @dsykesphotos

Happy Holidays!!


Lee Clower does it again!!

The JMI photographer rounds out 2014 with stellar new work for the VINCE kids Spring 2015 campaign!

Click the link above to view all of the campaign images live on the website, and for more from Lee Clower, visit: www.jmireps.com!


Get a behind-the-scenes look at our very own Mikkel Vang as he shoots the latest ad campaign for FiLIP 2, a smart locator & phone for kids!

Click on the image to view the video, and for more on the kid's locator technology, visit: www.myfilip.com !



Lee Clower has teamed up with Velveteen & Prantham USA to produce a project of charitable proportion.

Lee photographed the below images in collaboration with children's clothing merchandiser, Velveteen, and Prantham USA, an organization that promotes education initiatives in India.

The two organizations have partnered to sell a special children's fashion collection for the holiday season, donating 100% of the proceeds to support Prantham's education programs in Delhi. Adhering to Prantham's mission, the line is crafted and hand-embroidered according to traditional Indian artisan techniques.

Click the link below to view the charity line - which launches on Black Friday (Nov. 28th)!



David Sykes recently teamed up with Adam & Eve DDB to produce Ebay's latest ad campaign!

Out now, the ads offer a clever take on the brand's convenient and inexpensive marketplace.

Check out the four ads below, and for more of David's work -- click the link above!


Our very own Lee Clower is featured in today's New York Post!!

Dubbed "America’s leading kids’ photographer" by the newspaper, Lee contributes his insight to the article titled: "Meet the Pint-Sized Supermodels Who Can Earn $50k a Year."

With an editorial focus on the children's modeling industry,  the article follows the frontrunners therein, divulging that, while these children may appear "pint-sized," their salaries are anything but.

Of his own experiences within the industry, Lee states: "I tend to work with the same circle of kids because they've become the 'go to' child models in the city...We always aim to have fun, but the kids who are constantly booked and really want to be on-set are the ones who understand that it's also a job."

For the full arcticle, visit the New York Post's website.

...And for the full scope of Lee's work, check out the JMI website!


Rita Thompson steals the spolight in today's Your Shot Blog, published by National Geographic.

Titled "On Photographing Your Child," the article covers the niche specialty that is children's photography.

Check out the article, Rita's images, and some quotes by the photographer, herself, here.

And for more from the JMI photographer, be sure to view her portfolio on the JMI SITE!